The Guitars!!!!!


2004 Les Paul Standard

This has been Bill's main guitar since he purchased it in 2004.  He replaced the original pickups with a DiMarzio Air Classic in the neck and a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge.  This guitar is on every song that contains electric guitar.

2013 Gibson Night Hawk

5 guitars in one

2013 Gibson Night Hawk.  This guitar is frankly, the most versatile guitar on the planet.  Bill plays this guitar often both in the studio and live.  Those "Strat" and "Tele" tones on the albums are the Night Hawk. Everything on this guitar is stock.

2009 Gibson Songwriter Deluxe

The Work Horse

This guitar is the acoustic sound on all of the music by the band.  Bill has also written dozens of songs on this beauty as well as played hundreds of live gigs with it.  Hence, her nickname "Work Horse."

Southern Rock Trio

Firebirds, Explorer

Bill, since his youth has loved Southern Rock and was heavily influenced by Duane Allman and Allen Collins. The Firebird on the left is "Red Bird" it is a 2014 with Steinberger tuners and stock Firebird pickups which have their own distinct tone. The beautiful guitar in the middle is "Z Bird" and is a 2007 Firebird with African Zebra wood on the wings.  This guitar is very heavy and has a great twang to it.  Stock banjo tuners and pickups.  Bill uses both of these guitar in the studio for clean guitar tones as well as slide guitar.  The guitar on the right is a 2002 Gibson Explorer it has a Gibson C500 pickup in the bridge which was stock and Bill put a DiMarzio Humbucker from Hell in the neck.  The name of this pickup misrepresents what it actually is.  It is not hot at all but has vintage output and it's tone is very close to a single coil.  You can hear this guitar on the solo for I'm Crying.

Gibson Les Pauls

My Daughters Guitars

When Bill's daughters where born he purchased each of them a Les Paul Double Cutaway.  The guitar on the left is a 1998 in Jalapeno Green with Gibson 490 and 498 pickups.  The guitar in the middle is a 2001 in Desert Burst with Gibson Burstbucker pickups. The Cherry Sunburst Les Paul Standard is Bill's and is a 2002 with stock 490 and 498 Gibson pickups.  Bill uses all of these guitars to double track parts and the Cherry Sunburst Les Paul is his main guitar to play slide on. 

The Jacksons

Custom Shops

The guitar on the left is a 1999 Jackson Custom Shop Soloist.  The soloist has neck thru construction and is effortless to play.  The neck pickup is a DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Blues and in the bridge a DiMarzio Super Distortion. The guitar on the right is Bill's oldest a 1987 Jackson Dinky with a DiMarzio Cruiser in the neck and DiMarzio Super 3 in the bridge.